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0xF - Free and Open Source Software at Fontys

We are a student organization committed to the use of Free and Open Source Software at the Fontys university of applied sciences. Our mission is to enable people to use 100% FOSS at this school. On this website you can find why this is important, info about FOSS within Fontys and info about us.

Note that we also do Q&A: if you have free software that the ISSD can't help you with, we're here to do that! See contact info or a list of existing help topics.

Recent news

11 September 2014: New members, read this!

You are probably here because you were invited you to join. But before you do, you'll probably want to know what we intend to do! Currently we have a couple of ideals and goals that we will shape into plans with the help of a few members. Read more on this page.

7 September 2014: A website!

We've been toying with the idea for a while, but now the first step has been made!

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